Our Shared Opportunity

Watch members of the CSIS Executive Council on Development discuss the key themes of “Our Shared Opportunity: A Vision for Global Prosperity,” a new report which examines how the U.S. government and the private sector—both on their own and in partnership—can support the economic success of developing countries.

Society for Human Resource Management

A short for the Society for Human Resource Management that explains the relationship between good HR and high-potential leaders that transfer to International markets from the U.S.

A new EHR at NYC Health + Hospitals brings better care

The nation’s largest public health system, NYC Health + Hospitals, needed to transform the health system to continue serving one of the densest and most diverse patient populations in the country. A new, highly capable electronic health records system (EHR) was at the core of NYC Health + Hospitals’ transformation plans. Not only would the new EHR help the system’s 11 hospitals operate more seamlessly and efficiently as a system, most importantly, it would help NYC Health + Hospitals achieve its goal of transforming into a high-performing system for all patients—by providing a high-quality experience and better access to care for all New Yorkers. Here’s how Advisory Board partnered with NYC Health + Hospitals to pull off the biggest EHR implementation and go-live at a public institution.